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A Thin Line

If our sight is impaired and distorted, we become disoriented and confused and in need of some vision therapy to refocus and become clear sighted again. The Lenten journey to Easter is a time to get our lives into proper focus as we gaze upon Jesus as he is and not who we think he is.

Most of the time we live as if the glory of God is something reserved for another world which only the mystics experience in the here and now. We can be so distracted by the many voices and influences demanding our attention that we have little or no awareness of the glory of God breaking through in our everyday lives. It becomes particularly difficult amidst the many trials and sufferings personally and in our present world. However, in many cultures, there is a clear connection between the spiritual and material, the secular and the sacred.

The scriptures draw us into the reality of God with us, constantly at work in our lives and all creation. The transfiguration story is a glimpse into the glory of God revealed in Jesus. On Mt Tabor, the closeness of God and our ancestors in faith is experienced by the disciples. While they followed and lived closely with Jesus, they did not know the beauty and glory of God in Jesus. In the moment of transfiguration, all their images, ideas and plans about Jesus were blown away. In that moment, they see Jesus for who He really is and not who they think and want Him to be. There comes the voice of God thundering on the Mountain that Jesus is the beloved Son of God and to listen to Him. The disciples are so over whelmed by the beauty and love of God they want to remain in that place.

This moment will be seared into their memories, their experience of reality forever changed. Through the trauma of the passion and death of Jesus on Mt Calvary, the experience of the disciples on Mt Tabor remains in them.

The renowned Aboriginal artist, educator and elder Miriam Rose Ungunmerr, from the Daly River region in the Northern Territory, paints the hope of the resurrection in the heart and mind of Mary after the crucifixion and death of Jesus on the Cross as a rising sun. As a First Nation woman, she knows only too well the experience of grief, loss and trauma in the lives of her people. It is the experience of deep listening in Country that she can hear like Mary the hope of Jesus rising in her heart.

Lets us call on the Holy Spirit to help refocus our sight onto the glory of God, revealed in the heart of Jesus, broken in love on the Cross for all the world and inviting us to touch into his glorified wounds as the Risen Lord, fountains of healing and grace.

Blessings for the Easter season,

Fr. Steve

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