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Catholic Priests in the Philippines: Pentecost Events and Missions

Pentecost Event 

Joint initiative Led by the

MGLs and sing out loud worship

The priests and brothers from the Philippines have been busy during Pentecost. On 18 May 2024, the night before Pentecost Sunday, the team of the Sing Out Loud Worship and St Benedict’s Parish collaborated in organising a Praise Festival – a night of prayer, songs and thanksgiving for faith and life. Prayer leaders invited the attendees to also open their hearts once again to the power of the Holy Spirit and allow Him to take control over their lives. 

Catholic priest manilla
St Benedict’s Parish in the Philippines

Fr Alex Nolasco MGL Ministering with Medical Professionals in Rural Areas 

On May 24-26, Fr Alex Nolasco and his team of medical professionals and other volunteers organised a Medical-Dental Mission at the Mangyan Mission in Benli, Bulalacao, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines. This is part of the continued efforts of Fr Alex and his team to bring the Gospel to the ethnic-aboriginal communities of the Philippines. 

Catholic priests Philippines
MGL Mission Philippines


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