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Tuesday Empower Nights

It’s daunting to stand up the front of the church and have your turn. Yet, no matter how it goes, the message touches hearts. Worship and words of knowledge follow. The anointing falls when the Blessed Sacrament is exposed. Week after week, people come forward to give testimonies of healings and miracles happening to them and their loved ones.

These Tuesday Empower nights – 6.30-8.30pm – are the brainchild of Fr Baiju. His vision – to empower lay people in the gifts of the Holy Spirit - as itinerant preachers and healers –is based on the scripture from Mk16:20 ‘Then the disciples went out and preached everywhere, and the Lord worked with them and confirmed his word by the signs that accompanied it.’ Also, Mk3:14 ‘And he appointed twelve to be with him and to be sent out to preach and to have authority to cast out demons.’ 15 to 20 People attend every week.

Fr Baiju, speaks about the importance of the two parts of this scripture - the first ‘to be with Him’ is this current time of training and preparation and the second part, ‘to be sent out’ will be future missions.

Preaching, Healing, Worship Leading, Music, Prophetic Words, Words of Knowledge, Administration – each person identifies his particular gifts and seeks to grow in them.

The end goal- within 2 years - is to form up teams of people and send them out, locally, interstate, even internationally, to prayer groups, parishes, events, wherever there is a need.

Written by Anne Sutherland

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