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Young Men open to Discipleship and the call to Consecrated life: Hearing the Call to Priesthood

Searchers' Day participants exploring the call to priesthoood

In September, there was a Vocation Search-in participated by 10 searchers and formation brothers in MGL Philippines. This was part of the series of vocation search-in with a strong emphasis on discipleship and brotherhood. This vocation search-in series was led by Fr. Donn Entienza MGL. Out from this group, there are four searchers actively discerning to join the MGL Formation in 2024.

Participants of MGL Duc in Altumn in Canberra

In Canberra in October, a group of 10 young men joined a vocation day called Duc in Altum - “Into the Deep” - at the MGL Garran Formation house.

We look forward to facilitating more programs like this for those exploring the call to priesthood.

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