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This book aims to help committed Catholics deepen in their spiritual journey. It provides a simple, highly readable, introduction to the spiritual life. Drawing upon the spiritual tradition of the Church, and the lives of the saints, Fr. Ken presents a practical vision of growth in holiness which is accessible to all the baptized. On every page there are memorable insights and practical hints on how to grow in our union with God.


“Fr. Ken with great care and lucidity lays before us the journey of the soul to God. He draws extensively from the scriptures and all parts of the Christian tradition, but above all he draws from his own experience of the spiritual life and as a spiritual director. This is a good introduction for beginners. It will also be of value to proficients, those more advanced, who will discover new insights into their own spiritual lives”

Fr. Greg Homeming OCD


“The reader is urged to open him/herself to an experiential re-awakening of the presence of the Holy Spirit who is alive in us through Baptism and Confirmation. I find this book practical and helpful in our journeying towards a deeper relationship with our God”

Bishop Joseph Grech. Bishop of Sandhurst.

Becoming Fire (2001)

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