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The Way of Jesus offers fresh insights into the relevance of the Beatitudes for our lives. It inspires us to live with the heart of Jesus, and challenges us to go beyond ourselves in being genuine disciples in an increasingly complex world.
— From the Foreword, Most Rev Christopher Prowse, Archbishop of Canberra and Goulburn


Fr Ken Barker brings his scholarly and prayerful learning into a rich dialogue with the Beatitudes and the crucial question about what life in Jesus Christ means in the complex world in which we live. May every reader be profoundly challenged to immerse themselves more perfectly in the life of Christ, and in the “way” that is opened up in the startling vision of the Beatitudes.
— Most Rev Peter A Comensoli, Bishop of Broken Bay


Fr Ken Barker here offers a reading of the Beatitudes which is both traditional and contemporary, solid and refreshing. In a violent world, the Beatitudes remain the charter for “the revolution of tenderness” of which Pope Francis has spoken and Fr Ken writes here.
— Most Rev Mark Coleridge, Archbishop of Brisbane


Pope Francis by his words and example has invited the Catholic world to focus on those qualities of the Christian faith that are given to us in the Beatitudes. Fr Ken Barker offers an inspiring reflection that opens up their meaning for us.
— Most Rev Julian Porteous, Archbishop of Hobart


Fr Ken Barker is the founder of the Missionaries of God’s Love (MGL), a new religious congregation in the Australian Church. He is involved in many works of evangelisation and spiritual renewal, and is the author of popular books, including Becoming Fire, Young Men Rise Up, His Name is Mercy, Amazing Love, Alive in the Spirit, and The Wonder of the Eucharist.

The Way of Jesus: A Reflection on the Beatitudes (2016)

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