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Catholic Priests Sydney: Parish Renewal

Sydney Mission

The first half of 2024 has been a busy time for the brothers in the Sydney mission. At Easter, we welcomed well over a dozen catechumens and candidates into the Church across St Declan's and Our Lady of Fatima at Peakhurst. Fr Josh led the Easter liturgies at St Joseph's in not only the MGL's first Easter in the Parish but his first Easter as a priest; it was a beautiful celebration, with a fantastic response from the parish leading to the biggest crowds in the parish since well before the pandemic. This all came together as a wonderful celebration of Easter in the Sydney Mission.

Missionaries of God's Love Priests
Fr Brain Steele MGL at St Dechlan’s

The evangelising efforts of the three parishes continue to bear wonderful fruit with over 200 people attending the Alpha and SEARCH programs across the parishes in Semester One. It has been wonderful to hear the powerful testimonies of how the Spirit is moving and working in the lives of people. 

Missionaries of God's Love Priests and Mass
Catechumens and Candidates with  Fr Chris Ryan MGL

The Arete Centre's 2024 offering of the Foundations of Missionary Leadership program is over halfway. Under Fr Chris' leadership, Arete continues to be a source of blessing and transformation for the students, not to mention the continued impact Arete graduates are making in the life of the Church across Australia and beyond. 

Missionaries of Gods Love Priests and Mass
Fr Josh Whicker MGL at St Joseph’s Oatley parish

Our work with youth and young adults continues to grow and develop as the renewed vision for these ministries unfolds across the mission. Drawing on a variety of sources and research, the parishes are working hard to provide opportunities for young people to encounter Jesus and his love for them through the proclamation of the Kerygma, as well as opportunities for them to be formed as missionary disciples in smaller groups.

Missionaries of God's Love Arete Mission
Arete Missionary Leadership class

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