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The SEARCH – Our Lady of Fatima Parish, Sydney

The SEARCH is a journey of ten weeks that leads people to a deep knowledge of the Catholic faith, a personal encounter with Jesus and a new life in the Holy Spirit. The current season of The SEARCH commenced on February 8. We closed off registrations earlier with 40 guests having registered for the morning session and 104 guests for the evening session.

The format is that guests are carefully put into groups of 10 at each table, they have a meal, watch a video and break out into sharing groups. One very dedicated family and other helpers cater magnificent dinners for the entire evening group. There is a small army of volunteers of previous SEARCH attendees as hosts, cohosts and helpers for each table that keep the journey running smoothly each week.

The highlight of the journey is a retreat day after Week 7. There are numerous testimonies of the Lord’s transforming power of healing and new life being poured out. Guests also build lasting friendships with others in their table group that then lead them to connect more deeply and support each other in their walk of faith.

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