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Christmas in Darwin

Holy Spirit Parish in Darwin organised a Christmas carols event in the lead-up to Christmas which included performances by the children's choir and all of the different cultural groups in the parish. For many years now MGLs have ministered with and to First Nations people. Recently Fr Dan Benedetti MGL and Br Veko were able to visit Melville Island, one of the two beautiful Islands that make up the Tiwi Islands, a short plane trip from Darwin.

These communities daily face many challenges that include oppressive heat; expensive food, housing and maintenance; problems with substance abuse; too many adults and children incarcerated; and the challenge to bring people together as brothers and sisters in Christ. 

Fr Dan and Br Veko were able to join the communities in Mass and times of song and healing prayer as well as home and medical clinic visitation. They connected with people at the local stores, the art centres, local football clubs and pubs! All were opportunities to build relationships and speak about the Lord.

The MGL Darwin Mission is blessed to have five priests and a seminarian this year. Please keep up your prayers for them, and go for a visit!

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