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Indonesia September Update

Candidates in Maumere

It has been a challenging time in the mission in Maumere, Flores. Over two thirds of the priests and brothers in formation contracted Covid during the last month. Thankfully, all have recovered. Fr Mat lost his brother to Covid and suffered from it himself. Six brothers are now starting their Philosophy study at Ledelero University run by SVD congregation. Another three are preparing to do a pre-novitiate program next year, which will be directed from Canberra. And there are a number of Come and See candidates as well, some of whom may become aspirants next year.

The pandemic has slowed down the ministry, but the work with young people at the University is going ahead, partly on line and partly face to face. Over a thousand students will each participate in one of eight Life in the Spirits before the end of the year. Then they will be followed up in 80 cell groups conducted by five full time youth workers.

Br Martin is doing his pastoral year for his Catechist degree in a parish in Maumere and participating as much as possible in the work at the Centre. Fr David continues to provide his daily meditation on line, often adding a song to pepper it up. Fr Izak recently led an expedition up the highest mountain in Flores, the day after having been cleared of Covid. An intrepid missionary.

MGL brothers in Indonesia in traditional clothing recording a song


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