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Payatas Ministry in Manila

The Covid Pandemic continues to cause great suffering in the Philippines. There are many who have lost their livelihood and thus struggle to manage to put food on their table. Puso Ng Ama (PNA) is the work of MGL among the poor in Payatas. PNA has needed to increase relief food distribution. In the first five days of April alone, PNA distributed small rations of food to more than five thousand families. We are now helping to educate over 100 young people, and we intend to develop more livelihood work with an urban garden to foster sustainable food. We are discussing a partnership to help people in small groups to save finances with a view to buy land and enable people to own their own homes. We are also in the process of establishing a telemedicine program. In January this year, we started weekly Sunday masses at the PNA Centre. This is an important milestone in our work of evangelization. PNA has also started some small discipleship groups among young people and is working towards night and day prayer, praise and worship in the PNA House of Prayer.

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