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Wadeye Parish Bush Retreat

Fr Dan and Br Samson

In August Fr Adam travelled with Br Samson MGL and a team from the Darwin diocese to the Wadeye parish bush retreat. We all felt like little like “Moses in the desert” being in the wilderness with the challenges of camping out in the bush. The theme of the retreat was Psalm 23.

We were camping near a river so the words from this psalm ‘To the waters of repose he leads me; there he revives my soul’ were fitting. Over three days we enjoyed; dancing and singing by the campfire, painting colorful artwork inspired by the bush and we acted out some gospel parables. We also enjoyed a reconciliation and prayer night. During the final Mass, we celebrated the Transfiguration of the Lord. This story was spot on to what the graces of the Lord had achieved in us during the retreat. We all went home with light hearts filled with the Holy Spirit.

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