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“With an engaging blend of scriptural reflection, theological investigation and very personal and human stories of struggle, confusion and journeys in faith, Father Ken Barker has provided his readers with a very real reason to live their lives in hope. Over and over again he shows us that the basis for this hope is Jesus Christ. As Father Barker insists, however, there is a world of difference between knowing about Christ and knowing Christ. It is when we encounter him as a living presence in our lives today, rather than simply an interesting and perhaps inspiring figure from the past, that our lives begin to be transformed by his saving grace. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to know Jesus better, love him more and serve him with generosity and courage.”

Archbishop Timothy Costelloe SDB – Archbishop of Perth


“Here is a model of what the New Evangelisation is all about. I highly recommend Fr Ken Barker’s latest book. Read it, and receive Christ anew”.

Bishop Peter Comensoli, Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Sydney


“Fr Barker makes it clear that we need a proclamation that goes back to the basics – by which I mean a new surge of Gospel energy that derives its energy from the encounter with Jesus crucified and risen. Not just Jesus understood as role-model, teacher or miracle-worker, but Jesus risen from the dead, the Son of God and Saviour of the world, the Jesus who is here and now. Fr Barker also stresses that we need to do more than speak about Jesus or seek to understand him. We need now to experience Jesus, his presence and power. That will begin by a proclamation of the kerygma, which we too often take for granted.”

Archbishop Mark Coleridge – Archbishop of Brisbane


“Each chapter of Amazing Love inspired me to pray and reflect on the incredible story of God’s love revealed in Jesus Christ. The different facets of the Gospel message presented in the book are both catechetical and inspirational. This is a great book for those who have heard the Church’s call ‘to start afresh from Christ’.”

Shayne Bennett, Moderator Emmanuel Community/ founder NET Australia


“The transforming power of the gospel message is captured in Fr Barker’s Amazing Love. It is an excellent resource and prophetic vehicle for the thrust of the new evangelization in to Catholic Schools and I highly recommend it to teachers and leaders in the Catholic Church.”

Peter Woods, Founding Director Catholic Schools Youth Ministry Australia


“Fr Ken Barker in this simple and beautiful meditation on “Amazing Love”, has shared the fruit of his own contemplation of the saving action of Jesus Christ. The book offers a path “to contemplate the face of Christ”, the theme the Bishops of Australia have set for this “Year of Grace”. Fr Ken’s book invites us to discover afresh the amazing love of God which led to the incarnation, death and resurrection of his Son, Jesus Christ. For any Catholic Fr Ken’s book provides a rich source of reflection on the wonderful works of God achieved through Jesus Christ. It draws the reader into the amazing love God has for each of us.”

Bishop Julian Porteous, Catholic Renewal & Evangelization Diocesan Office Sydney

Amazing Love (2012)

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