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Founder’s Corner Autumn 2024

Friends, after a beautiful holiday time over Christmas, I was grateful to attend the Disciples of Jesus Summer School at Varroville. Such a blessing for me as I watched 170 young people open up their hearts to the Lord and receive a new infilling of the Holy Spirit. Following this, I was privileged to proclaim the gospel kerygmatic message to the 65 participants of the year long Arete program for training missionary leaders. Again, I was grateful to help many leaders in Church ministries put their lives and their work more fully under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. I am convinced that this new Pentecost experience is a “current of grace for the whole Church”.

After being in Canberra since 1980, I am now located in Melbourne, helping out in the formation of our seminarians. Even though I could be their grandfather, I love working with these fine young men who are aspiring towards priesthood. We are so blessed to have such fine quality guys wanting to give their lives to the Lord – 15 of them here at various stages of the journey, one out on a mission experience, and three others who have recently been ordained as deacons.

Add to that another nine in the novitiate in Canberra and two in the pre-novitiate. Not to forget the nine guys training in Indonesia and another eight in the Philippines.

Praise the Lord! We are trusting the Lord’s provision. He has not let us down yet. I am deeply grateful for all those who share in this work through prayers and contributions.

Thanks everyone. Love you heaps! Praise God for you all.

In Jesus,

Fr Ken

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